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The Beginning

Courtney and JJ met when they were freshmen at Greenwich High School in Connecticut. After going to different middle schools, they sat next to each other in Ms. Elliot's Algebra class. They got to know each other through mutual friends who helped them pass notes back and forth during class. JJ would even "pretend" to not know the homework assignment so he would have an excuse to call Courtney's house to ask her. They exchanged cell phone numbers and began texting constantly and talking on the phone each night until the sun would come up. Finally, at the end of the school year on June 3rd 2005, when the freshmen class took a field trip to Six Flags, JJ asked Courtney to be his girlfriend. In 2008 when they graduated, Courtney and JJ were voted "Class Couple."

The Proposal

In June 2017, Courtney and JJ celebrated their 12-year anniversary.  JJ's card to Courtney read "Pack your bags for a beach weekend!" Courtney, one who prefers knowing every detail of their plans, hesitantly packed for the surprise trip. JJ had told Courtney she needed to take off 2 days from her new job. Courtney was nervous, but when she asked her new boss, he replied "Oh yes, it's fine. Your boyfriend had e-mailed me a month ago before you started." JJ kept the destination a secret until they got to the airport gate, where the screen read "Providenciales", Turks and Caicos! When they arrived they went straight to the beach to swim in the gorgeous turquoise water. The following morning JJ planned a private horseback riding tour on the beach! JJ rode the most massive horse, named Turtle, and Courtney rode Apache, through the ocean. That night, JJ had planned a final surprise, a romantic private beach dinner on the sand. As soon as they sat down and as Courtney was perusing the menu, JJ got down on one knee and proposed! They celebrated the rest of the weekend in the island sun, swimming, snorkeling, reading, and eating.